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Here follow profiles of our team leaders and holiday organisers at Light Visions.

Ana Santos "Shankara"

Ana Santos is our "Web-Light Visionaire" and co-founder of the company.
She is a Spanish-qualified Web & Graphic Designer and is the responsible party behind the design and development of this website and its marketing/promotion.

She worked in London for over two years and now lives in Ibiza (Spain) from where she organises our holidays and ensures everything is ready for the breaks and events we offer.

Ana completed her BA in Business Administration & Management in Madrid & London, specialising in Marketing & Tourism in order to accomplish her goal of starting her own organization of "rural & environmentally-friendly tourism".

Ana completed her BA in Business Administration & Management in Madrid & London, specialising in Marketing & Tourism in order to accomplish her goal of starting her own business in "rural & environmentally-friendly tourism".

Furthermore, Ana has always been in interested in holistic disciplines & healthy life and first started practicing Yoga in 1998. In addition, she has trained in Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates and Body Balance (Tai-Chi, Yoga & Pilates mixed discipline) for over five years and has attended several courses in Thai Massage, Body Expression, Relaxation & Visualization techniques. In addition, she loves music & dance and which led her to train as a Bhangra Dance (http://www.danzabhangra.com) teacher and performer in Spain, India and USA. She has also completed several courses in Bollywood dance.

Together with Indian dance, Shankara trained as a Ecstatic Trance Dance and Chakra Dance facilitator in Hawai and San Francisco (USA) and runs conscious dance sessions fusing energy, body, soul work & movement with live-dj sessions provided by internationally recognized djs.

Ana is a qualified MAT Pilates instructor, a TRX Suspension training professional, one of the pioneers of the Pilates Method and Yogalates in Valencia and the creator of Pilates Fusion (Yo/Chi Pilates) in Spain. In addition she is the founder of the Pilates online portal www.metodopilates.net.

To contact Ana, click here.

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Mike Macleod

Co-founder of Light Visions, Mike is responsible for the running of the company, the organisation of the holidays and the maintenance & promotion of the website.

Light Visions was formed in the year 2000 and started offering special holidays with yoga and meditation at charming rural country hotel Finca Santa Marta, whose website had been designed and developed by Mike and launched in 1996.

Fluent in Spanish, in 1992 Mike lived in Madrid for 6 years learning the language and tutoring early internet technologies at Spain's first internet café. Four years were subsequently spent running a multimedia company in London before the lure of Spain and the opportunities arising resulted in a move to Valencia in 2002. Mike is the site owner of the popular Valencia online guide VisitValencia.info and co-runs web design outfit Webroot together with Ana.

In the summer of 2006, Mike moved to be permanently based at casita verde, the ecology centre of Greenheart Ibiza. See Greenheart.info for more on the centre, where Mike is in charge of ecotourism.

Mike is enthusiastic about all things "eco-holistic", and focuses his energy on Reflexology, Tai-Chi, Yoga, meditation and massage, as well as being active in the production of health brews such as Kombucha tea.

To e-mail Mike, click here.

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Glen Pelham-Mather

Glen Pelham-Mather is our Light Visionary in charge of the workshops and holistic activities.
He has over 20 years martial arts training experience and begun studying Tai Chi Chuan 12 years ago under Master Nigel Sutton. He continued his studies before becoming a qualified, registered instructor in 1995.

Glen has studied Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong in Malaysia under the guidance of Master Lau Kim Hong, Master Lian He Qing and Master Koh Ah Tee. Glen also holds a 2nd Duan in Five Ancestors Boxing under Master Tan Swoh Theng of Singapore.

He has competed at UK national and international level in pushing-hands, solo form, weapons forms and Chinese full-contact. He won the British Open Tai Chi Championship in London for both the fixed step and moving step categories in April 1996, a title he defended and retained for a further three years.

Glen has taught for children in care, doctors and surgery staff and holds classes for the Parkinson Disease Society.

Glen teaches all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan and holds regular classes and seminars in Sussex and London. His Tai Chi Chuan is dynamic and has a positive effect on both mind and body. Glen has a relaxed but informative and interesting style of teaching and his love and enthusiasm for the art speaks for itself.

To e-mail Glen, click here.

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Yvette Pietersma

Yvette is our Light Visionary in charge of undertaking the Yoga and corporal expression sessions throughout our breaks and events.

Born in Amsterdam, Yvette currently resides in Valencia where she has been working as a Yoga Teacher for more than four years.

Her interest in alternative therapies began whilst she was studying Art and Drama in Amsterdam, where the classes of voice, dance, corporal expression and the Alexander Technique made her conscious of the great importance of the human body and its relationship with the mind.

Subsequently Yvette completed her studies in Hatha Yoga complementing them with courses in therapeutic massage and podal reflexology. Additionally, Yvette is now currently at the end of her training to become a qualified instructor of the Pilates Method.

To get in touch with Yvette click

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Sha is a Light Visions collaborator who creates our wonderful percussion Drum Circles.

Sha, born in Belfast, N.Ireland, returned to his home town in May 1999 after 5 years of drum travels in the Americas, from the Canary Islands, through Jamaica, California and Mexico. Along the way he played in many drum circles, ceremonies and performances, including the famous drum circle in Golden Gate Park in 1995 for Jerry Garcia, with Babatunde Olatunji.

Upon his return, Sha instigated free drum circles on a Sunday afternoon and started his mission of sharing the drum circle with his community in N.Ireland as a metaphor for peace and reconcilation.

In 2000, Sha invited drummer Mr Arthur Hull to Belfast, who was on his Remo European Tour, and together they facilitated a number of events, including a circle at the Stormont Government Buildings. Sha then attended the VM Hawaii Training Programmes two years running, a Remo Health Rhythms Programme and Unity with a Beat, and went on to spread drum circles throughout Ireland, including at The Special Olympics 2003, and as a part-time Tutor in The Institute of Life-Long Learning, Queens University, Belfast.

More recently Sha is facilitating and playing in Ibiza, Spain, including at renowned club night Manumission, in private villas and on the pre-party boat trips around the beaches of Ibiza.

To get in touch with Sha click here. Visit his website at www.shadrum.com