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Light Visions provides ecotourism holidays which relax and inspire.

Whilst on one of our trips, you are invited to participate in the varied activites that we offer. All activities are optional and you can take part in as many or as few as you wish. See our About page for details on our ecotourism is, please

The activities offered during our ecotours include the following:

Holistic activities, including Yoga, Yogalates, Pilates, Aquapilates, Stand-Up Paddle Surf, Yoga & Pilates on the Stand Up Paddle Surf board, Stand Up Paddle Surf (SUP) Coaching, Tai-Chi, Chi Kung, Reflexology, Indian dance (Bhangra & Bollywood dance), Ecstasy Chakra Dance (Ecstatic dance & Chakra dance), Hawaiian (Hula) dance, Massage, Drumming and Meditation.
Walking and nature tours in natural parks and unspoilt locations.
Discussions and demonstrations of better living through environmental awareness and ecology.
Trips and visits to specially selected music events, markets and cultural shows on offer locally.
Workshops on healthy food and juices, plus advice on ethical shopping.

Forthcoming Holidays and Events:

GREEN IBIZA TOURS :: Ibiza :: Click here for details.
  GREEN IBIZA TOURS - www.greenibizatours.com

Weekly Activities:

We also offer weekly classes of YOGA, PILATES, AQUAPILATES, YOGALATES, PILATES FUSION WITH CHI KUNG AND YOGA, PILATES FOR REHABILITATION, PREGNANCY & POST-NATAL PILATES, PILATES ON THE STAND-UP PADDLE SURF BOARD, STAND-UP PADDLE (SUP) COACHING, "AEREO PILATES" (TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING), RELAX & WELLBEING SESSIONS, MASSAGES as well as BOLLYWOOD & BHANGRA DANCE CLASSES (Indian dance) in Ibiza (Spain), together with different workshops & seminars in Ibiza, Valencia, Madrid, USA and on demand at your desired location. Tuition is available in both ENGLISH and SPANISH. Click on the links for more info.

If you would like to receive full details of the these courses, please contact us by e-mail.

Music & Dance Animation services for events, retreats & special celebrations:

INDIAN DANCE :: We provide different modalities of Indian dance & music shows for events & special celebrations: Bhangra, Bollywood & other types of Indian dance performances, Interactive Bhangra & Bollywood dance shows, Bhangra-Reggae dance with live Indo-Jamaican music, live Indian music gigs & electronic Indian music Dj sessions.
For more information & bookings please visit www.danzabhangra.com & www.natarajagrooves.com or contact us here.

HAWAIIAN (HULA) DANCE :: Hula is a uniquely Hawaiian dance accompanied by chant or song that preserves and perpetuates the stories, traditions and culture of Hawaii. We provide exotic Hula dance shows to add a real Aloha feeling to your events/celebrations. For more information & bookings please visit Aloha Shakti Dance or contact us here.
ECSTATIC DANCE :: Ecstatic Dance is free-form movement /dance inspired by music, allowing our bodies to move freely without judgment or concern for the "grace" or beauty of the dance. This dance is an inner/outer journey of moving meditation. It develops a direct body-spirit connection, letting your body and inner guide be your teachers. It's about being present with your own energy and discovering your own dance within using this movement and energetic experience to release stuck patterns in your body, emotions, mind and spirit.
The sessions are facilitated by
Shankara who is an Ecstatic dance DJ, also trained as a Trance Dance and Chakra Dance facilitator in Hawaii and San Francisco (USA). She runs conscious dance sessions fusing energy, body, soul work & movement with a unique selection of live vibrational music and electronic beats of well-known Ibiza-based artists & internationally recognized djs.
For more information & bookings please visit www.ecstasychakradance.com or get in touch here
ECSTASY CHAKRA DANCE :: Ecstasy Chakra Dance is a unique, joy-filled dance system that fuses the best of the Shamanic traditions with modern conscious dance techniques and a unique selection of acoustic and electronic music from Ibiza-based artists. The Ecstasy Chakra Dance experience, facilitated by Shankara, consists of a guided journey of self-exploration, based on movement and sound, into altered states of mind (Trance). It opens ourselves up to higher levels of consciousness through meditation, breath, dance, energy, body-soul work and personal & interpersonal practices.
Ecstasy Chakra Dance takes participants on an 'inner journey' exploring the Chakra system through free-form movement, breathing techniques, visualization and chakra-orientated music, in order to overcome blockages and limitations, thus making possible a return to the Source or Spirit: Ecstasy.
For more information & bookings please visit www.ecstasychakradance.com or get in touch here

Some of our previous events and holidays are:

The GREEN IBIZA Tour IV :: July 2008, Ibiza
The GREEN IBIZA Tour III :: June 2006, Ibiza
The GREEN IBIZA Tour II :: September 2005, Ibiza
The GREEN IBIZA Tour :: 28th May - 1st June 2005, Ibiza - Pictures online HERE
Heaven Om Earth Beat :: May 2004, Valencia. In colaboration with FestivEvents.com
Holistic Retreat at Finca Santa Marta :: March 2004, Extremadura.
LightVisions.net at SÓNAR :: June 2003, Barcelona.
The Espiralia Experience :: May 2003, Órgiva (Granada).
LightVisions.net at WOMAD :: November 2002, Gran Canaria.

For further information and any enquiries, please email us here.