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Light Visions (founded in 2000), provides ecotourism holidays for individuals and groups who are seeking a low-impact holiday, active contact with nature and inspiration for a greener way of living.

What is ecotourism?

The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as:
"responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people".

The World Conservation Union adds that ecotourism "promotes conservation, has low visitor impact... to relatively undisturbed natural areas."

Our goal is to provide a healthy balance of fun, nature and ecological information for people of all ages and races.

How are Light Visions holidays genuine ecotourism?

Light Visions understands that a holiday should be a positive, fun experience which is also sensitive to tourism's impact on the environment. We dedicate part of our holiday program to environmental and ecological learning, so that our groups understand the facts. We additionally ensure that our ecotourists can take part in beneficial ecological activities such as participation in beach-cleaning and recycling shelp offset their carbon emissions from travel to the holiday destination. Email us for more info.

The destinations for our events and holidays are chosen for their natural settings, their provision of ecological information, support for local community and green businesses, and suitability for carrying out our holisitic activities. See Venues for more info.

Our ecotourists are encouraged to use other methods of transport instead of flying to our destinations, and we provide links to recommended carbon-offset schemes for those who do choose to fly. A must is a visit to ecofriendlytourist.com, the user-friendly guide to green holidays for more on these recommended schemes and organisations.

Light Visions is proud to be in partnership with the ecological initiative, Greenheart Ibiza and their backing NGO, the Foundation for the Future. This provides us with a solid platform and an invaluble knowledge-base of ecological projects gained from more than 15 years of working on green issues and campaigning in Ibiza and beyond.

Greenheart IbizaPlease visit www.greenheart.info for more information about our partnership with the organisation.

In addition to our holidays, we run weekly PILATES, AQUAPILATES, YOGALATES, PILATES FUSION WITH CHI KUNG AND YOGA, PILATES FOR REHABILITATIN, PREGNANCY & POST-NATAL PILATES, TRX SUSPENSION TARINING, together with YOGA and BHANGRA DANCE CLASSES in Ibiza, together with workshops & seminars in Ibiza, Valencia & Madrid. Tuition is available in both ENGLISH and SPANISH.

Light Visions profiles of a few of the team behind the company can be seen on the Organisers page.

For details of the forthcoming holidays and events we offer, see Activities.

For other questions, please see our FAQ section or contact us by Email


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